Since its creation in 2007, Suicoke has made a name for itself as the most cult Japanese label of its generation. With a brand new take on the men's sandal, every summer the brand's designs take over the social media feeds of stylish content creators and fashion enthusiasts. Suicoke has an avant-garde vision that commands respect. Determined to put the sandal back at the heart of menswear with an urban and streetwear feel, the Japanese company pays great attention to the comfort and performance of its designs. Hence its decision to collaborate with foot bed expert Vibram. The name might ring a bell: some of the biggest fashion houses use its technology, including Balenciaga and Stella McCartney. In addition to guaranteeing comfort for the wearer, this collaboration with Vibram gives Suicoke the opportunity to indulge in some stylistic experimentation, grafting structured soles to its sandals, even adding toes to its most eccentric shoes. If you're a fan of sandals, Suicoke offers you a wide range of velcro designs in a variety of colours: beige, white, grey, khaki, navy, black, and more. And with Suicoke, it's the velcro that makes the look. Whether a single strap or multiplied by two or three, this velcro is the label's signature and where its logo is proudly displayed. With the Kaw-VS, Moto-Cab, Depa-Cab and V2, CHIN2-Cab and Kisee-VPO designs, it's up to you to choose the sandal that suits you. Perfect with athletic shorts, elegant ankle-grazers or vintage jeans, Suicoke shoes will take pride of place in all your summer outfits… But why stop there? We can see ourselves walking the streets of Paris in the technical (and sustainable) Mok shoes in winter, too, over a pair of cosy socks.

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