Rejina Pyo

There is a reason she’s known as the queen of contemporary fashion… Rejina Pyo is one of those designers capable of anticipating the next big thing(s) among fashion enthusiasts. For the designer, fashion is a love story, and one that she's been writing since her childhood in Korea. It was her mother who put a thread in her hands for the first time, to teach her the basics of sewing. From that point on, Rejina Pyo showed a strong interest in clothing, and went on to study fashion at a local design school. Newly qualified, she found her first job working for a fast fashion brand that left her unimpressed. She dreamt of luxurious and high-quality ensembles, so well thought-out that people could treasure them regardless of seasons and trends. To do this, she decided to broaden her horizons and left for London to join internationally renowned fashion school Central Saint Martins, where she had to produce a graduate collection. The collection was a huge success and many brands were keen for the young designer to join their teams. After a few years supporting a Serbian fashion designer with a refined and romantic aesthetic, Rejina Pyo decided to take the leap and created her own brand. Though it mostly passed under the radar when it was launched in 2013, it would finally reach the spotlight four years later. In the meantime, Rejina Pyo had time to find her style and the recipe for success. This recipe is essentially a modern take on the spirit of sisterhood. After all, the clothes she designs, she designs them for her friends to wear. Her comfortable and feminine puffed sleeves and midi dresses are accompanied by accessories that seem simple at first sight, but whose details reveal a more provocative touch. The delicious Nane, Ramona and Ellis bags quickly made their way onto the arms of some of the most stylish influencers, while the Ida and Maggie sandals and Imogen ankle boots have become a wardrobe must-have.

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